RJ Scott on 11/14/2019

Mr. Sparkles

Even the grumpiest of woodcarvers will find it impossible not to be won over by Mr. Sparkles. When Jacob meets Celyn he hates him on sight. Too disrespectful and gaudy. Too different.

RJ Scott on 11/14/2019

Christmas Wishes

A free story for Christmas When Jamie's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere in a snowstorm, the only hope there is for himself and his baby daughter, Grace, is to follow a light leading them to a cabin that is hidden in the forest. What they find inside is a grumpy author in isolation, and very little in the way of help.

RJ Scott on 11/01/2019

How Much For The Whole Night

Just one night of being true to himself, one night of being held down and made to feel? Surely that isn’t too much to ask? Josh is mid divorce, fighting for custody of his son and escaping a marriage built on lies. In a bar the night before final hearings he meets a hooker with a body made of sin.